Building a Film Studio in an Airplane Hanger

We've been toying with the idea of building a studio for the past 8-10 years. We went to look at several locations, and empty plots of land to see what we potentially could do. The Canadian film industry has really seen a surge in a need for studio space. Some studios are rented year round by international production companies. Those studio owners are sitting on a beach somewhere enjoying their investment!! (Pre Covid of course).

A couple weeks back we started talking about an airplane hanger and how that would make an ideal office/studio space. There are two small airports around me, so I took a chance and sent intro emails to each of them. I had one airport contact me, and after we chatted on the phone they said they'd love to give me a tour.

At the time of this blog, I haven't made up my mind if we'll go forward with leasing the white hanger or not, but I'm definitely leaning towards doing it!

Who will come and visit?