How Your Brand Will Survive During Coronavirus

COVID-19 really has flipped the world upside down in less than a week.

Coronavirus will impact every sector and industry, including marketing and social media. Building a digital marketing strategy is more important now than ever before, especially on social media, knowing what to post and when. How will you market in a post coronavirus environment where every other story is about COVID19? Brands can’t stay silent forever, so when is a good time to start talking about your brand again?

Business owners should take this time to educate yourself on new products and services to better your business, improve your website, expand your social media presence and consider a digital marketing company like Forty Four Inc. When customers/clients can't come through your door, does that mean you can't make leads and generate sales? No! We can help build Ecommerce websites. These sites will allow you to sell products or offer gift cards, that can help bring you income. Social media is a great way to say your business is still active, and direct them to your website to generate those sales.

When we get through this quarantine period, you want to make sure you have work lined up!

Let us know how we can help!

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