Music Videos Started My Career

Over the weekend I had the chance to work We Outspoken on their 10th music video. Over the last 10 years I have directed each and everyone of their videos. We were young guys back then with goals of touring the world and living the dream! We Outspoken has not just toured the world but have done it multiple times. I've been thinking about my music video career and how it got me to this point.

The first music video I ever did was a free music video for a guy I went to college with. His band wanted to make a video and so I shot it with my Panasonic camcorder. We then used that video to get our second video which was a paid music video, $1000!! for a country singer. The next video was for a punk rock band and the budget had grown to $1500.00. The reason I share this is because I started working in music videos for free and by my 3rd music video I was making what I thought some decent coin. However, my fourth music video would blow those budgets out the water and change my life.

The month after I graduated from Sheridan College I was rewarded a VideoFACT grant of $20,000.00 to produce a music video and we shot on Super16mm film... more than half the budget went to buying film and developing the stock. This video went on to play on Much Music (Canada's MTV), RapCity, and even went through the top 30 count down.

From there I started producing and directing more music videos. Some had budgets of up to $50,000.00 but as digital became bigger the competition to produce music videos became greater and the budgets started to get lower.

I could talk about how I got to work with certain artists and bands. The wild stories of sitting in Universal Music Canada and Sony Canada and all the amazing people I met along the way.

Music videos was how I started my career and I don't produce many music videos anymore but I do love getting calls to director something unique and fun, which is what we did for We Outspoken this past weekend. My DOP (Director of Photography) / my right-hand-man Michael Cherrington has always said that a music video shoot on the weekend with the team is his golf. It's just a fun time, creating art!

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