Top3 digital marketing trends for 2020

What's new and exciting for 2020 in Digital Marketing? Here's my top 3 things to consider when looking to grow your brand in 2020.

1. Text message marketing - Superphone is an app that takes your social media marketing to the next level. Allow potential customers and returning clients. When they text they are sent a landing page to which they can get special offers and in-exchange you're building a data base.

2. Social Media - Using social media is still important but quickly we're seeing the followers and likes are not as important. Therefore, social media needs to be used as a platform to gain email address, phone numbers and other contact information. It should be used as a tool to gather quality leads.

3. Private groups / messenger - I've been saying for a while that it's not about the sale but about the experience and the relationship you build with your customers. Starting a private Facebook group, text group, or What's Up group with loyal, dedicated followers allows you to have a testing panel for new products or services before they are launched or provide special offers.

These are just my thoughts and as the digital market grows in 2020 something may change of our top 3 list. It's our job to stay on the trends and provide insight. We're here to shape your digital marketing.

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