Turning 'seen' into LEADS

If you're like me, I hate when people see my direct messages on social media and leave me hanging on 'seen'. However, I think it's worse, if a business does this.

If you have your business on social media (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn) and you leave messages on 'seen' then you're missing out on potential leads. This is like someone walking into your store and saying "hello" and you're behind the counter and don't acknowledge they have even entered your business.

It also applies with comments on posts too. Are you replying to posts? Are you at least liking someone's comment? Good or bad, every comment should be acknowledged and/or addressed, especially if someone isn't happy. Also, don't just delete the comment or worst-off, block them.

For messages at least answer the person's question, encourage them to email or call, or even better yet come in to your business. In 2020, it's about growing leads and building data on customers and clients that are interested in what you have to offer.

If you're not able to manage your social media accounts and cannot respond to followers in a timely fashion, then consider hiring a social media manager to mange your posts and a community manager to manage your social media community. Majority of the time you can find one person or agency (like Forty Four!!!!) to handle both roles. Hiring someone allows you to focus on the business while someone else handles your posts, your engagements with people's posts, replying to comments and replying to direct messages so that you can turn those 'seen' into leads!

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