Welcome to Forty Four

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

When I was 17 I started a production company called Rawfootage Productions. It meant so much to me that I have the "RAW" logo tattooed on my back. In the end the business struggled, we use to charge based on our experience and skill but with video production it started to become, "well my phone shoots 4K". I took my skills to a digital marketing company and fell in love with motorsports and shooting for luxury, high end automotive brands.

So that's the past. Welcome to today!

The name Forty Four comes from the house I grew up in after my parents divorced. The house, which was #44 has always been seen as a new beginning and instead of bringing back Rawfootage Productions, it was time for a new beginning.

These blogs will showcase tips, highlight what we're working on and talk about the challenges I'll face growing a new business from the ground up.


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