What Is In My Camera Bag

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

It's more like "What's In My Jeep Wrangler". I take so much gear with me on productions because you just don't know what situations may come up.

We recently got hired to produce a documentary and were shooting the first round of interviews in a lounge in Toronto, Ontario. I had seen the location but knowing that we'd be shooting in the same location all day and it had large windows, that meant making adjustments as the day went on.

Let's start with my camera case. Inside is a Sony A7s II, Canon 24-105 lens, Canon 50mm, Rokinon Cine 35 & 85mm lens, and a bunch of cleaning and accessories.

I then travel with 3-5 LED light panels. These panels have been great to have with me. All of them use Sony batteries or can be plugged in. Having them battery powered means they can come when it's run-and-gun style.

I have an audio case, that houses my Rode wireless Lavs, 2 back-up lavs that plug directly into my iphone. A Rode NGT4 Shotgun mic, a H5 Zoom recorder, headphones, Rode on-board camera mic and a whole bunch of audio cables.

The thing that takes up the most space in my Jeep is the stands. I have 5 basic light stands, 2 c-stands with arms, 1 heavy duty light stand with boom arm. The last stand is great for an over head lighting or a shotgun boom microphone holder, which is what it was during these first rounds of interviews.

Oh ya... and my trusty tripod. I bought this tripod the same day I bought my Panasonic HVX200... to the youngsters reading this, this camera was a game changer, was the first HD camera I had bought and with it I bought a $1200.00 Manfrotto tripod... 13 years later and it's still the work horse I need it to be. All the different camera bodies I've had on that tripod and it still stands up (LOL).

I always think about where I'm travelling to and the logistics of getting the equipment into the location. I normally travel with a cart and use milk crates to bring in extension cords, XLR cables and other loose items.

Other random things I take with me, black foamcore (Dollarstore special), sandbags (one for every stand), 5in1 reflectors, AA batteries (so many batteries), gaffer tape (black and white), rope, and tool kit.

The final thing in my "camera bag" is my big camera backpack. These is a great backpack if I'm travelling but when i'm not on the road it acts as my bag of goodies. Housing some other random lens, more batteries, chargers for all the batteries, my Feel World Monitors, slider, a ziplock bag of adaptors, media cards, my laptop, a couple pens and business cards (never leave home without business cards!)

Big thank you to Daniel Morad for these great photos from the shoot. Checkout Moradness.com to checkout his brand.

As you can see in one of the photos we used the black foamcore to flag the window because there was a sun ray on the back wall. We used 2-3 lights for each interview, and had 2 setups.

The final shot with the trunk of the Jeep is missing the cart, last thing in, first thing out!

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